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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yanshou - Post 2 (Landscape etc)

I have been to Yangshuo a few times and it never fails to impress with amazing scenery.  Below are some of the better shots I got over the week.
 Celebrating the end of the world on one of our first evenings.  I have never seen so many fireworks released at once.
 It wouldn't be a trip to China without at least one picture of bamboo!
 The Li River with the Karst Landscape of Yangshuo - Taken from the top of Low Mountain
 Black and white reflections taken near "the egg"
 Another view from low mountain
 Down by the river with some traditional rafts
Me, Hannah, Miles and Giles on top of "Jeremys Jiji" on Giles last day.

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