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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yangshou Post 3 (Climbing etc)

 And finally the climbing...
 Giles going for it on "Eggstatic"(6b+/5.11a) at "the Egg" on the second day.
 Giles trying to stay on the same route
 Hannah entering the crux of "Eggstreme Exposure" (6a/5.10b)
 Hannah above the rice fields on the same route
 Miles "I'm in Hufflepuff" Mconville
 Hannah, Miles and Giles on top of Jeremys Jiji (they are on there if you look closely!)
 Eben making things hard for himself on "Les Echo des Montagnes" (5/5.8) Low mountain
 A crowded abseil station on Low mountain.  L-R Eben, Miles and Hannah sporting some colourful tights
 Miles abseiling from low mountain.
Not climbing but I thought I should include one shot of the food which was amazing the whole time.  Miles sampling a local delicacy of pork stuffed snails.  You can just make out the dish to the left (Szechuan beef).  This was probably my favourite meal the whole trip!

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