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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Scottish Trips for a While

The last couple of weeks has seen the Scottish weather back to roughly its normal self - unpredictable but beautiful all at the same time. Last week I managed a couple of days in Glen Coe with Bob, planning to climb but not feeling brave enough it the +7degreesC weather. We did have two amazing days in the mountains though, first of all going up Boomerang Gully on the summit buttress of Stob Coire an Lochain and the second heading up some unknown gully at the head of the lost valley (with of course a long glissade back down). Beautiful days in mist and occasionally cracking views and some new peaks for me.

This week I have been out on my own for the last 4 days sampling some of the best of the Southern Highlands in Perthshire. I managed a round of 3 bothies (thats a mountain hut for the non british) Tarf Hotel, Glen Feshie and the Bruar Bothy (it has a fancy Gaelic name something like Allt Aeoioutchionaen I think). Again beautiful days with no-one else around and amazingly well kept bothies. I am now a little sun and wind burnt but feel ready for a day of sorting and packing tomorrow before I head back to the states.

For some reason the photos are a bit jumbled.....
My last evening in the Highlands - sitting outside Bruar Bothy watching the sunset.
A Still ice bound Tilt river on my first day. Took me a while to get to the bridge but better than fording this one.
Inside the Glen Feshie bothy with the fire going in the late afternoon - the local estate even supplies firewood.... (for the non british these are free!!!)
The "Tarf Hotel" at sunrise - I had presumed for years that the name was a joke but this is a very palatial bothy with tables, benches, fires, candlesticks, and even a sign that says "hotel" on the door. (and some kind person had left me a third of a bottle of red wine to finish!!)
Looking down the Bruar valley
Looking Down the Tarf Valley as the sun rises
The Glen Bruar Bothy under stars. I have wondered for a while why more photos like this do not appear, 30 mins planning, 32 mins exposure and it took my camera 30mins to process..... that is a lot of battery power and I had to leave the door open during the long exposure. All worth it though.
Looking up at Stob Coire nan Lochain from the Glen Coe road - Boomerang Gully carves up around summit buttress (on the left of the buttress on the right side of the peak in the photo - if that makes any sense).
No its not windy - I am trying to jump - on the summit of Bidenan nam bian
Bob coming up the easy upper section of Boomerang Gully
Bob (thats him far left) coming over the cornice out of the lost valley.

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