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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twelve Thousand Cubic Feet per Second

Just got off the first river section of the Wilderness Educators Course. Lots of snow and some warm days set us up for a massive volume of water in the Deschutes. We put on the river at around 8000cfs (the rivers normal flow is 4500-6000) and it rose every day timing the peak perfectly for the biggest rapids. Rapids that we would normally swim through (Buckskin Mary Rapid) had holes that could stop and surf a paddle raft. Some rapids were no longer present along with campsites and boat ramps. We saw a huge amount of debris in the river including fishing platforms, benches, tables and broken boats. We also saw the Deschutes at one of the best times of year (if you have a dry suit), large water, green grass and amazing wildlife. The crew have one more day on the river before we take them too the mountains (which could be interesting given that the oregon mountains have got an average of about 4 inches of snow a day for the last month!)
Levi pulling through the bottom of a very different looking Boxcar Rapid (Class 3)
Oak springs (Class 3 - 4) at high water - for the oregon folks you can just see the entry to the far left line.
Another one for the oregonians, the top rock of Wapanitia (class 3) with the whole left side washed out.
The boat ramp at Wapanitia (you might be able to guess what nadia is saying to Justin across the parking lot and see a floating picnic bench)
A beautiful morning at Davidson Flat
Rafts tied up at Redside in the evening light
Leaving Davidson Flat with a storm behind.

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