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Friday, May 9, 2008

The last of Australia for a while

Everything is packed and now I am just left to procrastinate while I should be cleaning my room. Back to Oregon today for another season at OB wilderness then to ........... somewhere.

My last week at OB Australia has been great with lots of time spent hanging out with groups and sleeping in a cave to meet groups early morning for the "descent" (basically a massive abseiling/flying fox activity). This has been great and stopped me thinking about leaving too much as well as the early nights in the very cold cave allowing me to catch up on some sleep. So here are the photos, the next ones should be of glaciers

Clare (the bear) and peter perfect at the start of the descent, early morning with the rain clouds brewing behind

Clouds spill into the honeysuckle valley at dawn as we meet the first group of the course.

Bear coiling ropes at the end of another long day (in some very scottish conditions)

Pabi belaying bear as she abseils down the first level of the descent just after dawn.

Cave life, Ali and Bear

Bear making the strongest hot chocolates in the world just before getting in our sleeping bags (5pm!!)

Cooking dinner from my two sleeping bags.

Just before course started. One final climb at Booroomba rocks with Tipu and Caleb. Beers on the summit after climbing the beautiful "determinant" with the "termination" finish. My hands still bare the cuts from having to jam up the final crack with frozen hands.

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