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Monday, September 3, 2007

Why on earth would i want a blog

As some fo my friends appear to have 4 email addresses and some don't seem to use theirs any more I have decided to follow the trend and set up a blog. Apologies as I get this up and running but I hope to get photos up on here (i dont know if thats even possible) to share some of the stuff that I get up to. I also hope this may allow me more time to reply to emails but we shall see if that actually happens.

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Ruaridh said...

Ali, very impressive little site - and the photos are cool. Think it's a pretty good idea - i never seem to able to keep track of where you actually are. Was out on the island a few weeks ago and there was some kind of rumour you were heading back to the Scotland - from what i hear that's now not true. We're just heading out to NZ in mid Oct for a year so maybe try and catch up with you sometime down in the Southern Hemisphere. Take care, Ruaridh.